Piano Tuning and Repair


FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions)

* Can I put my piano on an outside wall?

  Yes. Do not place it near a heat source. A hot air register or heating stove will destroy a piano. Return air ducts are no problem. The sun will fade the finish and degrade tuning, so use shades if the piano gets direct sunlight.

* Why do pianos go out of tune?

  The strings stretch whether the piano is played or not. This stretching slows down as the piano ages, but never stops.
  Changes in humidity from summer to winter cause the soundboard and frame of the piano to expand and contract, changing the  tension on the strings. The piano tends to go sharp in the summer, and flat in the winter.

* How often should my piano be tuned?

  Most people find that once or twice a year tuning is required. This is somewhat dependent on the house and individual preferences. I have a few customers that tune 3-4 times per year and a few that tune every 2 years. 

* Does tuning repair sticking or sluggish keys?

  No. Tuning is the process of tightening or loosening the strings. Key problems can be in the action or the keys themselves. I can and do repair sticking keys.

* Does Casdorph Piano Service move pianos? 

  No. This requires a different license and Insurance.

* Does Casdorph Piano Service sell pianos?               

  No, but I often get calls from people selling pianos, so I may be able to connect buyer and seller. I do not accept commisions. I strongly suggest you have a used piano inspected by a piano technician before you buy.
* How old is my piano?
  If you call me with the brand and serial number, I can probably tell you. On upright pianos the serial number is usually found by opening the lid. It should be stamped or painted along the top edge of the plate. In grands it is usually under the music desk. A few grands have it on a metal tag under the piano or inside the bass edge of the lid.

* Do you repair pianos?

  Yes, I replaces strings, worn and broken parts, and various other repairs.

* Do you refinish pianos?