Piano Tuning and Repair


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Information about piano tuning

* Please remove the items from the top of your piano.

* It usually takes about 1 hour, but pianos that are severely out of tune or flat may take  longer.

* You do not need to move the piano out from the wall.  Sometimes I might need to move it very slightly if the lid touches the wall.

* Quiet please.  I am an aural (ear) tuner and I can work much better if it is quiet.

* I like dogs, cats and other pets, as long as they don't attack me.

* I will be on time, or within a few minutes.  Piano tuning is tiring, both mentally and physically, so I only schedule a few appointments daily.  If I am running late (rare) I will call you.

* Please be home.  This has become more of a problem over the last few years, with hectic lives and worsening traffic.  If I have your cell phone number, I will try to call you if there is no one home. 

* Please give 24 hours or more notice if you must cancel.  I can't replace a tuning on a few hours notice and this also results in lost wages and time. 

* If your piano cannot be tuned or serviced, I will tell you and charge you a basic service call fee.

* I accept cash or checks.

* I do not do unauthorized repairs.  If your piano service will cost more than tuning, I will contact you and get your approval before doing the work.  Sometimes sticking/sluggish keys can be repaired at no cost.